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Sep. 17th, 2005 | 03:46 pm
mood: quixotic quixotic
music: verbal diarrhoea

I like playing with the layouts people make for the pretty graphics. However, I am usually much too lazy to customize them. Or even write anything in the little "About Me" sections in the code. Therefore, for quite a long while, my journal had a slightly bizarre aspect. I couldn't be arsed to get online to fix it, though.

This one was just so annoyingly cute, I couldn't resist. AND it was fully lj-supported. That meant no irritating About Me - Music - Friends boxes to fill in. I was awfully tempted by a Little Twin Stars graphic (when I was a child, I had a passion bordering on unholy for a bunch of little twin stars plastic forks that my grandmother kept in a box) but I thought it might induce vomiting in certain individuals.


Exams I have to take:
SAT I (October)
BMAT - Bio-Medical Admissions Test (November)
SAT II Chemistry, Physics, Maths I and II (November)
AS Levels (January)

Time to die.
Further Mathematics kills.

Despite all my homework I couldn't wait to watch Lords of Dogtown after seeing the trailer. It was incredibly ridiculous in a way, and not all that riveting, but it's nice, I suppose, to be able to sit in a theatre and watch pretty young actors defy gravity. I really liked Jon Robinson, and Stacy Peralta is my favourite Z-Boy. I think I may have lost my attention span (my mother thinks it's due to poor nutrition) because I can't even sit through a normal movie without a)doing homework at the same time or b)watching two other movies on different channels/vhs/dvds.

I once tried to learn how to skateboard. I think I was eleven. It was a dismal failure.

I also watched King Arthur for the first time, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I didn't like the way they dealt with Arthurian legend, because I happen to be fanatical about Arthurian legend, but Ioan Gryffydd was pretty. (I hate Keira Knightley.) Sadly, I really didn't like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, either - the colours annoyed me, the children annoyed me (except Veruca Salt, whom I adore) and I hated the dentist-father backstory.

Has anyone read LM Montgomery's The Blue Castle? Everyone who's read it raves about it, but I found it really boring the first and only time I read it. I loved most of her other books as a child - The Story Girl/The Golden Road, the Emily series, Jane of Lantern Hill, etc., although I was never really into Anne. I'm rereading it now, though, and I have been known to radically change my mind upon second reads.

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tiny rage cakes

From: lesstraveled
Date: Sep. 17th, 2005 09:21 pm (UTC)

Good luck with all the studying! I am always very worried about my overseas high-school age flisties, because it seems they never stop studying. :/

King Arthur I liked because the men were pretty, although it took me a good five minutes afterwards to realize that in the sex scene they were actually, um, having sex. Also I have never seen the Willy Wonka movie, is it really that bad? Tragedy!

Has anyone read LM Montgomery's The Blue Castle?
I had no idea she'd written anything other than the Anne series, which I found really boring when I tried reading them -- and I ate up Little Women and the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and all of that, so. :x? Maybe I should try reading them again. I too change my mind about books on reread, especially when they're kids' books and then I read them years after. :x *a five-year-old at heart, clearly*

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From: casse_noisette
Date: Sep. 18th, 2005 06:45 am (UTC)

Exactly. The men were pretty. :D Galahad and Tristram and Lancelot particularly, although I am allergic to Keira Knightley and Clive Owen. It's odd: when PotC first came out, I was in Hawai'i, and promptly bought Elle magazine (which I don't read) just for the article on her.

I, too, found Anne rather boring (but adored Little Women and Laura Ingalls Wilder). I really identified I hate that word with Emily, though; if you read anything of LMM's you MUST read the Emily series, although I'm not sure it'll appeal to you at this age. I just finished The Blue Castle and remain unmoved. It was a pretty little story, I suppose, and I liked the beginning where Valancy stands up to her family, but as for the rest... eh.


oh, and the Willy Wonka movie isn't bad at all, really, just... different. hahaha.

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tiny rage cakes

From: lesstraveled
Date: Sep. 18th, 2005 06:57 am (UTC)

She is pretty, I just don't care for her as an actress (strangely enough this goes for me and most young actresses; maybe the general preoccupation with their waistlines more than their acting on the part of the fashion magazines). I keep looking at her and going, "Keira Knightley!" instead of "[x character she's playing in the movie!]", which is a little distracting. Unrelatedly, I hated her character in the movie because she was the only clean person in the entirety of Britain, apparently. WTF.

I will go look for the Emily series the next time I go to the library. :D As for age appropriateness, well ... I only read The Haunting last year and instantly loved it, and on the back cover it says 'Ages 8 and up'. Hahaha. Obviously, there is something wrong with my brain.

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From: casse_noisette
Date: Sep. 19th, 2005 01:53 pm (UTC)

I keep looking at her and going, "Keira Knightley!" instead of "[x character she's playing in the movie

Ah, that's true. It's probably why I don't like her. When she was in PotC the whole "Keira Knightley!" thing hadn't started yet.

Oh, and I read the one-line drabbles, and. The HP ones are BRILLIANT. No really. Even though I don't know what a pirate!ot3 is. IMHO, the Harry/Slughorn is the absolute best. *mad cackles* *button!hearts*

And... you did Nanowrimo once, right? I was looking through the old nano community. If you don't mind telling me, what was your story about?

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tiny rage cakes

From: lesstraveled
Date: Sep. 19th, 2005 11:05 pm (UTC)

Thank you! They were a lot of fun to do, primarily because 100-200 words is the upper limit of my attention span. (The pirate thing is from an in-joke I had in a former RPG, involving those three characters.)

What year? I've attempted to do Nano three times now, I think (the highest I ever got was around 20k). One year was fanfiction, one year was a (sub)urban fantasy thing, and I think the third year I co-wrote with a friend in our joint fantasy world. I remember that you did Nanowrimo once, it was about a band? Did you ever do it any year after that?

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